Third Decisive Win for Croatia

Croatia took their third win at the 2019 IHF Men’s Youth World Championship with a clear result in their favour versus Saudi Arabia. They reserved place in the knockout stage with win, 36-17.

Croatian team was better oponent in the first half but aloud Saudi Arabians to score 13 goals. In the second period defense was much better and Markota’s team played in the expected level and thay had only four goals in 30 minutes.

Fran Mileta scored 6 goals with maximum effect in Croatia and was player of the match. Ayman Alkhalif Hassan with 4 goals was the best scorer in Saudi Arabia team.


Head Coach Croatia – Sinisa Markota

We only played as we should. In the first half my players were very careless and full of them selves. If we play as we did in the second half we can go at least at the semifinal.

Head Coach Saudi Arabia – Ahmed Nabil Ahmed

We did very good in the first half but when Crotia was in its full potential we were not able to do much. We are still hoping that we can get some points till the end of the group stage.