Strong Germany goes into semifinals


GERMANY – HUNGARY  26-16 (14-7) Statistics

It was eagerly expected match quarter final clash between Germany and Hungary. Hungarians arrived for the first time in “Boris Trajkovski Arena” with high reputation after beating the Croatians in eight finals.

But here they meet different kind of “beast”. German defense with Ahouanosou, Kostner and Bergner lined up in front Jeppson was to tall and too strong. And counter attacks followed good defense and Germany was dominating in the way that nobody expected. 

After first half Germany had 14-7, and after only five minutes into the second half breached 10 goals barrier (17-7) forcing coach Krizstian Karpaty for an time out. Balance was restored but difference remained. 

Hungary was powerless to change the things on the court. They were struggling to keep result under 10 goals, and finally lost by 10.

Kristian Karpaty (Head Coach Hungary): They were bigger and stronger than our boys. And that was decisive, we didn’t find solution. 

Erik Wudke (Head Coach Germany): I am very happy with this performance. But this is only one step to our goal.