Slovenia had no chances, Egypt is in the quarter final

EGYPT – SLOVENIA 30-23 (16-8)

The national teams of Egypt and Slovenia opened the quarte finals matches at Jane Sandanski Arena. The african team took the quarter final ticket after a comfortable win, 30-23.

Egypt took the lead from the start, 3-0, and the slovenian players scored first time after seven minutes. How the time went on, the Egyptians increased the lead and the slovenian defense didn’t have response for the tall back courts of the opponent. Before the break, Egypt had high lead, 16-8.

On the start of the second half, Egypt scored for 17-8, but then started the goals streak of Slovenia and there made comeback in the game, 19-17. But then the bench get two minutes suspension, also slovenian player and Egypt took the control on the court. They had five goals lead, 22-17.

Slovenia fought until the end, but no chances to think about quarter final and african team win 30-23. Egypt will face the the winner of the match between Iceland and Japan. The best scorer in Egypt was Valid Ahmed with six goals and the best scorer in Slovenia was Peter Sisko with five goals.

Hussein Ali Zaki (Egypt): The game was very hard for us. We tried from the start to do our best in the defense and fast breaks and allowed us to played easy in the second half. When Slovenia comeback in the second half, we still believed that we will win.

Janez Klemencic (Slovenia): My guys showed desire for win, but we lost the match in the first half when we missed more than 15 chances to score and we made their goalkeeper the best player of the match. But that is sport, they were better than us.