Norway drew against Spain in the thriller

NORWAY – SPAIN 28-28 (13-13)

Norway took the crucial first point and recovered from their loss to Croatia in round one of the 2019 IHF Men’s Youth World Championship with the draw (28-28) against Spain. It was very interesting match at the second round of Group A.

Spain had the chance to claim their second victory and move up to four points, because Norway scored five seconds till the end and got the draw.

Norway started the match with good offensive mood and took the lead, but Spain didn’t give up and made 13-13 at half time. Two teams with almost equal quality had their minutes in the second period and drew at the end.

Jorg William Fiala Gjermundnes scored 8 goals for Norway and Kristian Hubert Larsen made 4 goals with maximum effect.

Alex Pascual Garcia and Alberto Diaz Hernandez scored 5 goals each for Spain.


Head Coach Norway – Johnny Jensen
I am very happy that we got the point, we hoped for two but at the end with the one point because we were very close to losing this game. We fought in every situation, it was a hard game, we could have won but Spain is a very good team, so we are satisfied as we are.

Head Coach Spain – Alberto Suarez Menendez
This is a fair result because both team played very well. It was very good and intense match, very good for the spectators.