Mix of feelings for Portugal head coach: I’m proud and disappointed in the same time

National team of Portugal came to the IHF World Youth Championship with a wild-card and now they go home like fourth placed team in the world. Portugal had its chances for winning a medal, but they didn’t make it in the two crucial matches. It’s understandable that the team is going home with mix feelings.

“If somebody told me that we’ll finished fourth in the Championship I won’t believe it. We had some amazing games but I’m not happy with the last two games. We could play so much better… Maybe our mental and physical conditions don’t help us, but I can’t criticize the players. I’m very proud what we did here but in the same time disappointed that we didn’t won a medal… We had our chances. It’s a mix of feelings. It’s important that we also show that Portugal have good players and the new generations that are coming”, explain Carlos Martingo, Portugal head coach after losing to Denmark for third place.