Macedonians gained clear victory over Chile

Macedonians finished preparations with friendly match against Chile. The host team of the WCh was better and scored clear 32-26 victory. 

Macedonians gained victory, but Chile showed good performance especially in the first half that finished with a tie (12-12). Macedonians controlled the result had 8-6, 12-10, but it took almost 50 minutes to finally break Chile’s defense. 

Left handed Martin Serafimov scored seven, Simonovski six, and Mladenovic five goals .

“Most important is that all players had their chance. We had long preparations, two hours practice before the match so our legs were still heavy. I am partially satisfied with the performance. We are not there yet, but until the match with Argentina we’ll be in best form”, says head coach of the Macedonian team, Danilo Brestovac