Macedonians beat Argentina for 13th place


NORTH MACEDONIA – ARGENTINA29-26  (15-8) Statistics

Once again Macedonians meet Argentina, this time in battle for 13th place. Without pressure Macedonians gain control early in the match. After ten minutes they had 5-2, and kept that distance in next period. 
Argentina was not aggressive as it was on the first match and Macedonians were able to score more easily. Seven goals difference was half time score (15-8). 


Macedonia continue dominance into the second half. After 15 minutes they had 21-13. Argentina scored in next two attacks for 15-21 and restore the balance. 
Match was not over yer. Argentina came back to 19-23 and there were nine minutes to play. But there was not happy end for Argentina. Macedonians kept focus and won 29-26.


Fernando Capurro (Head Coach Argentina) – In first half we tried too many times to play with line player unsuccessfully. That give them lot of chances for counter attacks. In second half we played better, but not enough to turn result.

Danilo Brestovac (Head Coach N. Macedonia) – I am not satisfied with this tournament. I know that we can do better. But we didn’t have that chemistry needed for bigger success.