Hungary with comfortable win against France for 5th place

FRANCE – HUNGARY 20-31 (9-18)

The national teams of France and Hungary played the second match of the program of 2019 IHF Men’s Youth World Championship at Boris Trajkovski Arena. Hungary took the win, 20-31 for 5th place on the end. 

The winner was decided in the first half, when Hungary made lead of nine goals, 9-18. The french players didn’t show motivation for fight and Hungarians scored easy goals with fast breaks.

In the second half, Hungarians kept the control on the court and France couldn’t make nothing to comeback in the match.

The best scorers in France were Tissot, Verin and Paschal with three goals and best scorer in Hungary was Kecskes with six goals. MVP on the match was Benedek Nagy from Hungary. 

Eric Quintin (France): We started good in this match. This team is very young and new, so one day we played good, the other day we are bad. I wish someone from my team one day to be in the senior national team. But it won’t be easy for them, they need to work and work and work.

Krisztian Karpati (Hungary): It might be easier for us if we played in the other part of the groups. Germany was the best team on this Championship and we couldn’t do nothing more, but i am very proud of my guys because they won against France. Three or four players from my team can be in the senior team for sure in the future.