Hungary easy past Chinese Taipei


Hungary made comfortable win (38-20) against Chinese Taipei in their first match at IHF Men’s Youth World Championship in Skopje. They had a decent lead at the half – time break (20-12).

Hungary started the match powerful and led three goals after 10 minutes. The match was decided well before the final. Chinese Taipei faught till the end, but goal advantage was too high.

Bence Hornyak was the best scorer of the match with 9 goals.

With the victory, European side joind France and Egypt with two points in Group B.


Hsu Yu-Chen (Chinese Taipei)

This was our first game on the world championships ever. So we were very nervous and we did not do our best. In the next days we will see what we did wrong and we will try to fix it.

Head Hoach Hungary – Krisztian Karpati

It was very difficult for us at the beggining of the match because we had to face type of difence that european teams are not used to. With a lot of movements in empty spaces and good performances of the goalkeepers we mananaged to do quite well. We expect to be on this championship on the last days for the matches.