Germany won the quarter-final ticket

ARGENTINA – GERMANY 25:33 (15:16)

Germany won the first quarter-final ticket in the first eight-final match against Argentina 33:25 (16:15) played in Boris Trajkovski Arena. The Germans had a bed start in IHF World Youth Championship with a defeat by Portugal, but now with five wins in a row they correct the impression.

The Germans showed their determination to win in the first half. They had a good start to the match (5:2, 8:5), but Argentina did not give up easily either. They equalized to 8: 8 and made the second 15 minutes of the half interesting, which ended in 15:16, after the Argentine players failed to take advantage of the last attack.

Things changed drastically in the second half. Germany were more aggressive in both the attack and defense, took advantage of a few mistakes by the opponent and made a high advantage 27:19, 30:22, which made it impossible for Argentina to reach.

Germany in quarter-final will meat the winner of the match between Croatia – Hungary, which is next on the schedule.


“We’re disappointed! We were looking forward this match and hope to make a good game. We did that in the first fifteen minutes of the match, but after that… We got eliminated and we’re disappointed.”


“Very happy to join the quarter-final. We started the championship bad, but from match to match we played better and better, and now we have to be prepared for next challenge, I think it’ll be Croatia, so we must focus on the next step.”