Germany secured second place in Group D


ICELAND – GERMANY 22-26 (9-13) statistics

Second place in the group was the prize for the winner of the match between Germany and Iceland. However, they will not know opponent in the eight finals until the end of the match between Macedonia and Japan. That was one of the reasons to see many bench players today on the court.

It took twenty five minutes to see some difference on the score board. Germany had more control during that period and finally managed to reach more comfortable advantage (13-9) at the end of the first half. 

Germany rise to 16-10 after five minutes but Iceland did not wave the white flag…yet. They had their chances, but without starters in the back line reducing to two goals was best they can do. Finally six minutes until the end Germany reached again five goals (25-20) advantage and it was all over. 

MVP of the match was Vait Mavers from Germany.

Heinir Rikardsson (Head coach Iceland): Both teams were already qualified for the 1/8 finals. And we were forced to test all players because we have some injuries. 

Erik Wudtke (Head coach Germany) – Once older trainer told me that I have to cheer for every victory… This is the case. I am not satisfied the way we played but I am satisfied that we won