Easy win for Croatia against Norway

Croatia and Norway opened the 2019 IHF Men’s Youth World Championship at the Jane Sandanski Arena. Croatins took the win, 33-22 (16-7) with a good first half in which the Scandinavian opponent scored only seven times.

Croatians needed only five minutes to gain full control of the match and comfortable four goals lead, 5-1. The best right wing from 2019 IHF Junior’s World Championship, Fran Mileta scored seven goals in the first half and the defense of Norway don’t have any response for him. Before the break, Croatia had nine goals lead, 16-7.

In the second half, the Norwegian head coach, Johnny Jensen, tried to play without goalkeeper, but nothing specially changed in the result. The Croatian head coach, Sinisa Markota changed many players on the court, but they continued with the good play in the second half and kept the lead until the end.

The best scorer in Croatia was Fran Mileta with seven goals and the best scorer in Norway was Norberg with four goals. MVP of the match was the goalkeeper of Croatia, Stipe Puric, who has 12 saves.

Johnny Jensen (Norway): I think during the match Croatia was stronger team than us. We knew before this game that Croatia is one of the best teams in this Championship. I think we lost the game in our attack, we have many technical faults and not many chances to score easy goals. Also the Croatian goalkeeper was very good. I hope my team will forget this match and will concentrate on the next.

Sinisa Markota (Croatia): The first match of every championship is very hard, but we didn’t expect easy win. I think that Norway was surprised with our defense 3-2-1 in the first half and the winner was decided then. The championship is long, we have 13 days, 9 matches and because of that, all the players had their role in this match.

STATISTICS: Croatia – Norway