Denmark beat Tunisia for quarter final spot


DENMARK – TUNISIA 30-25 (19-1)  Statistics

Denmark joined the quarter final party. Tunisia fought brave but the level of danish handball is more advanced.  It was intense match especially in first ten minutes. Denmark had control, but Tunisia equlized 6-6 after 12 minutes.
Right after that, match was decided. Denmark scored four goals in a row and gain comfortable 10-6 advantage. Without much pressure until the end of the first half  Denmark rise difference to seven goals (19-12). 

Denmark kept distance in second half. There was balance but Tunisia was far behind without any chance to come closer. As time passed by it became clear that there’s not gonna be any drama. D

Denmark had comfortable 25-19, ten minutes until the end and there was nothing that Tunisia can pull over to turn result. Final result is … MVP of the match was Mads Hangard from Denmark.

Simon Sorenssen (Head Coach Denmark) – I am very glad that we are in quarter final. Now we’ll have some well deserved rest and start preparation for next game.