Brazil goes to President Cup


GERMANY – BRAZIL 28-22 (13-11)- statistics

Germany book their ticket to eight finals and Brazil will play in President Cup in next stage of the Youth World Championship 2019.

Germany and Brazil played on the same level during first half time in the opener of the fourth round in Group D in Boris Trajkovski Arena. 
Strong and tall German players have problems with agile Brazilians and their attempts to control the game and result were unsuccessful. Brazilians on the other hand hand were all in after painful last minute defeat against Tunisia yesterday.
Biggest difference of two goals was reached in the last minute and a half. Germany had 13-11 after first period. 



Marcos Braga scored equalizer (14-14) after three minutes into the second half. It was tie (15-15) when Silva went on the bench for two minutes cooling. Than the “Two towers” Meyer Siebert and Kostner bring new leverage for the Germans. When Silva returned it was already 18-15, and shorty after, goal difference rise to 21-15.

And it was game over for Brazilians. Once Germans took control it was mission impossible to make come back.

Marcos Braga with 5 goals was top scorer followed by Siber Meyer, Reiman and Medeb with 4 goals each. Siber Meyer was MVP of the match

Erik Wudtke (Head Coach Germany) – We played today as we trained this morning. We missed too many clear shots, but in the second half we changed defense and put some pressure on them. They started to make mistakes we used them for easy goals and that was it. 

Alberto Gallina Head Coach of Brazil – President Cup is not what we expected but that’s sport. Today we played good game in the first half but than made some mistakes and Germany make difference. We have good material in this team. This player will continue to develop through camps and I expect some of them to reach senior national team in future.