Bahrain win important battle

BAHRAIN – NIGERIA  36-28 (16-12)

It was tough first half for both teams. Bahrain had control and up to three goals advantage thanks to almost perfect shooting percentage (12/13) in first 20 minutes. But Nigeria was not far behind. 
Defenses wasn’t strong side for both teams, but that was the rhythm that was in Bahrain favor. And when goalkeeper Mahfood Husain saves few in a row, Bahrain came to 14-10, and pressure rises over Nigeria team. 

They answered through wing players. First left wing Shula than Faruk from the right hit the net for 13-15, a little hope for Nigerians before Bahrain scored twice for 17-13 at the half time.

Bahrain kept control in second half despite fighting spirit of the Nigerians. They sucessfully stopped first wave and than made decisive counter attack. After 15 minutes into the second half Bahrain had 27-20 and winner was known. 

At the end well deserved 36-28 victory for Bahrain. 

The best scorer was Mohamed Mohamed with 13 goals. MVP of the match was also Mohamed Mohamed


Nnnanami Emeka Head Coach of Nigeria: Iam not satisfied with this match. We played bad in the attack and they are good team. But it’s first match I am sure that we’ll do better. 

Hiroto Tamura (Player of Nigeria) “We didn’t play so bad, but we lost the match because of the attack. Lots of our attempts were direct into the body of the opposing goalkeeper. If we correct that element will be better in the next matches.”

Johan Halldor Head Coach of Bahrain: “It’s good when you win match, but I am not satisfied with this performance. We conceal 28 goals and that’s too much. But first match of the tournament is always dificult.