Argentina upset the host


After tied start of the match, blitzkreag of Macedonians and three goals delivered by Kosteski give 6-3 advantage for the host nation. But Argentinians come back quickly and tied to 6-6. 
Goalkeeper Marko Kizic was on fire and saved three attacks in a row while Macedonians advantage rises once again to three goals 9-6.

Ten minutes into the second half Macedonians have 16-11 and ball posession but failed to score and Argentina’s counter attack was merciless and reduce gap to only two goals before Danilo Brestovac asked for time out. 

But 12 minutes until the end it was 16-16 and new drama begin. 

In last minute goalkeeper Villareal saved penalty and Argentina had last attack and one goal advantage. And they scored for victory.


Fernando Capurro (Head coach of Argentina) ” We managed to rise our defense in second half and when we did that result was tied and all the presure were on the host team”

Danilo Brestovac (Head coach Macedonia) ” There are days when things simply doesn’t go the way you want. We throw away one joker today. Now we’ll have to compensate on another four matches.