And the winner is Egypt!


EGYPT – GERMANY 32-28   (19-13)Statistics

Egypt is the first non European winner of the IHF Youth World Championships. They will bring home the shiniest medals after beating Germany in the last match of the 12 day adventure in “Boris Trajkovski Arena” in Macedonian capitol Skopje. 

The early minutes of the match looked like Egypt was going to roll over the Germans. They had 6-3, 8-4 lead after 13 minutes. Germans attempt to shift gear during that period was unsuccessful. Tall Egyptian backspace players managed to find way to the Jepson’s net every time they needed. 
After 20 minutes, Egyptians celebrated goal for 13-8 the biggest lead on the game. Minute later Erik Wudtke asked for second time out because Egypt rise to 14-8. 
Germans came to 12-15 and 13-16 at the end of the first half. But lack of the goalkeeper support as one of few reasons put them back on six goals gap (13-19). 

Goalkeeper Lucas Diedrich who entered into second half give real boost to Germans although they played with seven attackers and came to 16-19 after only five minutes. It was time for Mahmoud Ibrahim to ask for a time out. 

The battle became more intensive and referees had more work in next period. Germans were still three goals behind fifteen minutes before last whistle. 
And that difference remained.  Egypt resisted the pressure, and scored every time when Germans were dangerous. It was all over minute and a half until the end. Finally 32-28 historical victory for Egypt.